cloud saving

Cloud saving now works only for the Google Play users.

You need:

  1. The Internet connection

  2. Cloud saving activated in the settings of the game

  3. Google Play Games app. If you use more than one accounts on Google, check the settings of this app. Your accounts for the saving progress and the game download should be the same.

how to restore progress

For the original game from Google Play only.

  1. Install the Play Games application. Open it and go to settings.
  2. Make sure that the correct account is selected. It must be the account that you used for saving progress before.
  3. Scroll down the screen and click on "Change account for games"
  4. Check the "Default account" on the top and the "Account for the game" on the bottom. If necessary, change it to the one with progress.

"road map"

In the future retro cars (1950-2000) from ex-USSR and Eastern Europe - Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Poland, Germany (GDR) and others - are going to be added. Here is the approximate list of expected vehicles, which can be changed:




  • VAZ -2109
  • VAZ -2110
  • GAZ-А
  • GAZ -АА
  • GAZ -М-1
  • GAZ -М-20
  • GAZ -31029
  • GAZ -66
  • GAZ -69
  • ErAZ -762
  • ZAZ-965
  • ZAZ -1102
  • IZH-2126
  • KAZ-606
  • Moskvitch-400
  • Moskvitch -407
  • MTZ-80




  • IFA Barkas B-1000
  • IFA Multicar
  • FSC Zuk
  • FSD Nysa
  • FSO Warszawa
  • FSO 125p
  • Trabant-601
  • Wartburg-353
  • Volkswagen Passat B3
  • Volkswagen Golf 2
  • Volkswagen Transporter T3
  • Mercedes-Benz T1


 Won't be added:


  • vehicles produced in XXI century
  • motorcycles
  • vehicles longer than 5,5 meters
  • multyplayer
  • open city / world


It goes beyond the concept or needs for much time and additional technical resources.